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Why do the genitals darken?
Although age is one of the determining factors, hyperpigmentation is a condition that can cause the genitals to darken from puberty.

This can be caused by hormonal problems or by certain medications that make the genitals darken, but other factors also play a role, such as:

Menstruation: the blood that we expel in each period can touch the skin of the vulva and in each menstruation, it can darken.

Underwear: underwear should not be too tight because it darkens the skin. It is necessary to wear tight cotton clothing.

Hormonal changes: women are subjected to sudden changes due to hormones such as puberty, menopause, and pregnancy, and can affect melanin and the color of our skin.

In addition, our genetics play a crucial role in determining the degree of darkening.

Poor intimate hygiene: it can also be a major cause of the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Fortunately, we can help you solve this condition with our Pink Intimate treatment.
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Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt a little less than confident about your intimate area?
If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel that way with intimate area.  But we have good news: there’s an easy way to feel better about your vulva.

The Pink Intimate System from Italy is a non-invasive peel that uses active ingredients to whiten and tighten the skin around your sensitive areas, as well as bio-stimulating and nutrient factors that reactivate the regeneration process.

Here are 3 reasons why The Pink Intimate System should be part of your skincare routine:

1. White Intimate Areas mean More Confidence.

Feeling good about yourself leads to positive self-esteem, which makes it easier for you to interact with others in a way that makes them like you as well!

2. Firmer Skin.

The Pink Intimate System tones and firms, rejuvenating your intimate area so they look younger and feel firmer than ever before!

3. Improved Sex Life.

Feeling more self-assured in your body leads to more confidence, and therefore, more enjoyment in the bedroom!

If you want your skin to look younger, tighter, and more vibrant, this treatment is for you!

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Do dairy foods cause or worsen acne?
Acne is frequently associated with dairy consumption, although there have been conflicting findings in studies. The largest meta-analysis involving 80,000 young people revealed that consuming any dairy product, regardless of its fat content, is associated with a higher risk of developing it.

However, full-fat dairy appears to be less likely to cause it than low or nonfat dairy. Another meta-analysis found that all types of milk are connected to that, but cheese and yogurt consumption did not have any significant association with that, unlike the previous study.

The reasons behind dairy causing or worsening are still uncertain, but there are a few theories. One of them is that dairy cows are often injected with growth hormones, and pregnant ones can pass hormones, such as estrogen, into their milk supply.

These hormones may affect the body’s hormones and potentially trigger acne. Some studies suggest that the saturated fat and hormones in cow’s milk may cause inflammation in the body, leading to acne. Additionally, some individuals may struggle to digest lactose and casein present in milk, which could also contribute to inflammation and acne, an inflammatory skin condition.

Dairy consumption may also elevate insulin levels and contribute to insulin-like growth factor (IGF), linked to acne. However, it is important to note that the correlation between dairy and acne is not yet entirely established, and further research is required to confirm this.

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6 Benefits of EMSCULPT® for Men
Going to the gym regularly but still unable to get the desired six-pack?

Body contouring without invasive surgery is often hard to find. However, RD Skin Solutions offers a non-surgical way to take your body to the next level – EMSCULPT. This treatment can help you to gain strength and muscle tone in different areas while reducing extra fat.

You can learn more about the advantages of EMSCULPT for men by reading below or consulting with nurse Daniella of our Houston, Texas team, who are expert in muscle toning and more.

1. Strengthen muscles and get rid of fat simultaneously

For somebody’s contouring methods, only one issue can be tackled at a time. For instance, liposuction can treat excess fat but has no effect on the muscles. On the other hand, EMSCULPT is a unique approach that can safely handle both fat and muscle. There is no need to go for multiple treatments.

2. EMSCULPT does not necessitate surgery

A key benefit of non-surgical body contouring is that incisions and general anesthesia are not required. Rather, for men, the EMSCULPT technique makes use of advanced high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to activate muscle contractions and wipe out fat cells. The only preparation required is to place a simple panel over the area that is to be treated.

3. EMSCULPT is quick and effective

Most EMSCULPT sessions are only half an hour. The length of time may vary depending on the size and number of areas being treated. This means patients can easily fit their appointments into their lunch breaks or whenever they find it suitable. It is advisable that patients in Orland Park and Elmhurst, IL get 4-5 sessions, with 2-3 days between each session, for the most outstanding results.

4. Little to no interruption

You should be able to carry on with your daily activities after your muscle toning session, however, some minor side effects such as soreness may persist for a few days. This is caused by the high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy used during the procedure, which can make it feel like you just did an intense workout.

5. Lasting outcomes

EMSCULPT is not meant to be a weight loss treatment, so it is best suited for people who are within 15 to 20 pounds of their target weight. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise schedule post-treatment, you can expect the results to remain for years.

6. Treatment is FDA approved

EMSCULPT is the first procedure to be approved by the FDA to reduce fat and increase muscle mass at the same time. Patients can be confident that the treatment is safe for those who are approved for it. EMSCULPT has been clinically tested for safety by different independent studies.

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What are the Benefits of Bleaching Intimate Areas Treatments?

Intimate area bleaching treatments are becoming increasingly popular among women and men alike, due to the various benefits it offers.

This treatment is a great way to boost self-confidence, as it helps to even out the skin tone in intimate areas and makes them look brighter and more uniform.

With bleaching treatments, you can reduce the appearance of dark spots, discoloration, and other irregularities. Additionally, bleaching can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look younger and smoother.

Furthermore, it can also help to reduce hair growth in sensitive areas, giving you smoother, softer skin. All of these benefits make intimate area bleaching treatments a great option for anyone looking to improve their self-confidence and appearance.

What is intimate area bleaching?

Intimate area bleaching is a treatment designed to even out the skin tone in the most sensitive areas of the body, such as the genital areas, the nipples, and the underarms. This treatment is primarily used by women, but can also be used by men to improve the skin tone in the scrotum.

Bleaching is a non-surgical treatment that uses a bleaching cream to lighten the skin, resulting in a more uniform skin tone. While it may sound a bit extreme, many people consider intimate area bleaching as a way to feel more confident in their own skin.

Problems with uneven skin tone in intimate areas can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genetics, aging, sun damage, hormonal changes, and more. While these issues will not disappear completely, bleaching can help even out your skin tone to make the area look brighter and smoother.

Benefits of intimate area bleaching

Here are some of the benefits of intimate area bleaching:

Improving self-confidence.

People who have tried bleaching have reported feeling more confident and comfortable in their own skin. This is because bleaching evens out the skin tone in intimate areas, making them look brighter and more uniform.

Reducing dark spots and discoloration

Dark spots and discoloration can be caused by a variety of factors, such as sun damage, aging, hormonal changes, and genetics. Bleaching can help even out your skin tone and make the area look brighter, helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration in intimate areas.

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Wrinkles can appear in the most unexpected places, and certain areas are more prone to them than others. Intimate areas are one of the most sensitive areas of the body and can be affected by wrinkles if not properly cared for.

Reducing hair growth

In order to achieve smooth, soft skin in intimate areas, many people choose to reduce hair growth by using an intimate area hair removal cream. Bleaching can be used in conjunction with hair removal creams to further reduce hair growth in sensitive areas.

What to expect from the treatment

Bleaching treatments vary depending on the area of the body being treated. They can last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the area of the body being treated.

Risks and side effects

Bleaching treatments are generally safe and effective when performed by a trained professional. Bleaching can cause mild irritation, redness, and itching in sensitive areas, which is why it is important to use a skin-safe, gentle bleaching cream.|

What to look for in a bleaching product

When choosing a bleaching product, it is important to look for one that is skin-safe and contains ingredients that are gentle enough to use in sensitive areas.

You should also make sure that your product of choice contains effective ingredients that will help to increase the evenness of your skin tone. Some ingredients that you may want to look for in a bleaching product include hydroquinone, kojic acid, glycolic acid, and mandelic acid.

Hydroquinone is one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to lightening the skin, but it can be potentially harmful if used improperly.

Kojic acid is a natural ingredient that helps to even out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Glycolic acid helps to exfoliate the skin, making it softer and more even-looking.

Mandelic acid is another skin-lightening ingredient that can be found in some bleaching products, making it a great choice for sensitive areas.

How to prepare for a bleaching treatment

To get the best results from your bleaching treatment, it is important to prepare your skin beforehand. Washing the area to be treated with a gentle cleanser and patting it dry with a clean towel will help to ensure the treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

It is also important to consider your daily skincare routine and how it may affect your treatment. Using harsh exfoliators, retinol, and other products that may cause irritation can increase the possibility of irritation during your bleaching treatment.

It is also important to note that you should avoid waxing, shaving, and using any type of exfoliating scrub in the days leading up to your treatment. These activities can increase inflammation and irritation, making your bleaching treatment less effective.

Aftercare tips

After your treatment, it is important to keep the area clean and hydrated. Using a gentle cleanser and patting the area dry with a clean towel will help to keep bacteria and other contaminants away.

You can also use a hydrocortisone cream to reduce the chance of irritation. Make sure to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes and stay hydrated, as dehydration can cause the skin to become dry and irritated.

You should also avoid going out in the sun and using retinol-based products for the first few days after your treatment.


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What is lymphatic drainage massage therapy and who can benefit from it?

What is a lymphatic drainage massage therapy and who can benefit from it?

The lymphatic system plays an essential role in the function of the immune system. It not only helps clear up the infection but also preserves the fluid balance in the cells and around the body.

The lymphatic system is not located in a particular body organ but is a network of tubes throughout the body that are connected by small lymph nodes.

These tiny structures, located in places like the neck, armpits, and groin, work like filters to help remove hazardous and hazardous materials. They also consist of cells that help the body fight infection.

With some health problems, fluid in the lymph nodes can build up and also cause swelling, often due to viral and bacterial infections. Lymph node problems can often be seen in people who are undergoing therapy for cancer cells.

Here we review lymphatic water drainage massage and how this can help not only decrease swelling and better move fluid with the lymphatic system.

What is lymphatic drainage massage therapy?

Although it is called lymphatic drainage massage therapy, it is still more of a management strategy rather than a standard massage therapy task.

Often considered a form of detoxification treatment, lymphatic massage therapy involves the use of a series of stretching, cupping, and light compression activities to aid the release of lymphatic fluid and also travel with the system. It must be executed by a competent expert and can also have various healing effects.

The massage method can be related to all locations of the lymphatic system and also involves two clear procedures: clearance and reabsorption.

Cleaning essentially creates a small vacuum in the lymph node which then prepares the system to bring in more fluid with reabsorption. The entire process can take up to 20 minutes and is non-agonizing and non-invasive.

Unless you have blocked head and neck lymph nodes, you usually take a rest to get this type of treatment. You should feel light, and slightly stressed, and movements are generally slow and balanced under the supervision of a competent specialist.

People can be instructed to perform manual massage therapy on themselves, which can provide short-term relief.

If you have extreme conditions such as swelling or cancer at the site of an obstruction, a heart problem, or a diagnosed embolism, lymphatic drainage massage therapy is not suitable.

Advantages of lymphatic massage therapy and who it can help

Since it is linked to our body’s immune system, dysfunction in the lymphatic system can influence our general well-being. Today, lymph node tightening is considered a method to improve skin care and promote general well-being.

If someone leads a less active way of life, it can influence the functioning of the lymphatic system. Unlike our blood vessels, it requires movement and tasks to increase activity.

There is one research study recommending that manual massage of the lymphatic system may help with problems such as fibromyalgia and sports injury recovery, although further research needs to be done next. There can be a variety of reasons why this area of the body becomes blocked, including medication, infection, and trauma.

Lymphedema can occur as a result of cancer treatment, and treatment has been shown to relieve it. Massage treatment is also used to alleviate a variety of conditions, from rheumatoid joint inflammation and chronic fatigue to healing from surgical procedures, edema, and digestive conditions.


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Are you a good candidate for EMSCULPT?

Noninvasive body contouring treatments, like CoolSculpting ® and EMSCULPT ®, have actually taken control of the cosmetic globe. For years, liposuction was the only body sculpting method to remove undesirable fat in persistent areas. With the most current advancements in visual innovation, nonsurgical body contouring choices like EMSCULPT are becoming much more prominent as people continue to see outstanding outcomes. The very best part is, probably, that it requires no surgical procedure or downtime. The experts at RD Skin Solutions are honored to use this advanced treatment, aiding their people in the Greater Houston location to achieve their aesthetic goals. To find out more, schedule an individual appointment with one of our professional and caring physicians today.

Exactly how does EMSCULPT construct muscle?

EMSCULPT is the very first tool developed to be a muscle-sculpting device. The patented EMSCULPT device is currently FDA-cleared to treat the following areas:

Stomach area
Upper legs

Who can consider this body contouring treatment?

Also with a stringent diet regimen and also normal workout, some individuals battle to achieve their wanted look. Also healthy and balanced, energetic adults can strike a barricade when attempting to take their bodies to the next level. EMSCULPT is an innovative muscle-sculpting maker offering individuals a method to shed fat as well as construct muscle concurrently. In just a 30-minute session, the targeted muscle mass contract 20,000 times. Who wouldn’t want a device to do all the work while accomplishing 20,000 sit-ups or squats? The strength and also price of the EMSCULPT device far exceed what a person can accomplish with also one of the most challenging workouts. The perfect candidates for this body sculpting treatment are healthy and balanced females and also men with a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or less wanting to eliminate pockets of persistent fat as well as build more muscle mass in the butts, belly, legs, or arms.

What are the advantages of EMSCULPT?

EMSCULPT not only assists females and also males in reconstructing as well as enhancing muscle mass but individuals are likewise left looking a lot more toned and specified with this innovative technology. Afterward, clients report really feeling sore however, they usually, can see adjustments in their bodies after the first treatment.

If you are tired of going to the gym and also not obtaining the results you want, let the qualified experts at RD Skin Solutions aid you. We provide this cutting-edge technology and many other cosmetic treatments at our office in Houston, Texas. You can say goodbye to fat and hello to even more muscle by calling today to schedule your EMSCULPT consultation.


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Hydrafacial and skin wellness: What is it and how does it work?

If your skincare regimen isn’t enough anymore, you can benefit from a much more in-depth facial procedure that cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin. HydraFacials are becoming incredibly popular due to the benefits they provide, so here are some crucial details you need to understand before you book a visit with us at RD Skin Solutions.

What is a HydraFacial?
First, let’s clarify what a HydraFacial is and also how it works.

A HydraFacial is a patented skin care treatment used in dermatology centers, clinical spas, and beauty centers in the US and around the world.

HydraFacials are a three-step procedure that cleanses and exfoliates after moisturizing the skin. It is a professional procedure that can be used for a variety of skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and also dry skin.

The wand used with the Hydrafacial cleanses the skin as it scrubs and uses a special serum to help keep the skin smooth and clear. The solution itself is modified depending on where it is applied and is also customized to match your skin type. A short consultation is done prior to the procedure to ensure you get the best results.

HydraFacials may seem like a superficial treatment, but they are actually incredibly powerful at renewing your skin.

The HydraFacial Treatment Process
The HydraFacial treatment process is quite simple and is usually performed by a certified esthetician.

It starts with the mechanical bar that helps cleanse your skin. The tool removes dirt, oil, and particles from the pores. It also uses an exfoliation that helps to rub the skin and renew it.

Surely then they will begin to extract particles from their pores. This works compared to a vacuum cleaner. It gently sucks out the air to remove dead skin cells as well as dirt that was created during the initial cleansing process.

The stick is used to apply a moisturizing lotion that contains a variety of different active ingredients and also antioxidants. The serum itself is usually customized to your skin type to ensure it doesn’t aggravate your skin condition or create breakouts.

HydraFacials may be supplemented by other skin care treatments, but are not considered part of the HydraFacial. If you want something to enhance a HydraFacial, we suggest you contact us about packages and follow-up treatments.

The benefits of a HydraFacial.
HydraFacials provide benefits comparable to regular facials. The end results are generally much more powerful. The main benefits of a HydraFacial include:

– A deep cleansing of the skin and pores to eliminate residues.
– Allows better infiltration of skin products.
– Enhances the texture of your skin.
– Create an additional extra tone on your face.

All of these benefits contribute to an improved facial appearance, however, they also help make your regular skincare routine more effective because it helps remove dirt and also cleanse pores.


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Hydrafacial: The New Facial Treatment

Facial cleansing is something that usually brings us head. It is important to maintain a good routine at home, but, from time to time, it is convenient to enhance it with some treatments that allow greater penetration of the active ingredients to illuminate the skin and hydrate it in depth.

Aesthetic medicine continues to innovate to improve the available procedures, as well as their results. And one of them is the Hydrafacial, a method encompassed within microdermabrasion treatments that brings many new features. Do you want to know which ones? Keep reading!

Hydrafacial: deep cleansing that restores luminosity to your skin

Hydrafacial is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation technique. Its main advantage is that it does not require a recovery period, and its results are immediate and visible after the session.

Its objective is to perform a deep facial cleansing, eliminate dead cells and extract impurities. In addition, it uses serums and essences to moisturize and tone the skin.

With the Hydrafacial treatment, fine lines and wrinkles can be improved, as also the elasticity and firmness of the dermis, as well as its texture and tone.

It is also possible to improve cases of hyperpigmentation and sun damage. As you can see, it is a very complete procedure that provides intensive care to our faces.

A Hydrafacial session can last approximately 30 minutes and consists of a total of three steps:

Cleaning and exfoliation of the skin: first, the face is prepared by removing both the makeup and any cream that we have previously applied. Then the peeling is performed by means of both physical and chemical exfoliation. In this way, dead cells are removed from the most superficial layer of the skin to start the cell regeneration process.

Extraction and hydration: During this step, one of the most important parts takes place and what differentiates this treatment from others: is the extraction of impurities from the pores by means of suction. Thanks to the previous cleaning and exfoliation, the pores have been prepared so that the accumulated dirt can be easily removed. Thus, deep cleaning of the skin is carried out, guaranteeing that the substances and active ingredients that are applied next penetrate in the best way.

Fusion and protection: now the focus is on repairing the skin’s surface thanks to the application of a cocktail of antioxidants and moisturizers. With them, juiciness and luminosity are favored while expression lines are softened.

The result of the Hydrafacial is immediate, and also provides a soothing and refreshing sensation. It is recommended for all skin types, including acne-prone skin and those with rosacea.

The secret of this method lies in the machine used, designed exclusively for this technique, as well as in the serums used to strengthen the skin in depth.

As a consequence, the dermis gains a thicker, plumper appearance. And remember: always, after any facial treatment, it is important to apply sun protection and avoid direct exposure to the sun during the first hours.

Do you want to find a facial procedure with which to improve and enhance the condition of your skin? Consult the professionals at RD Skin Solutions, we will assess your case to recommend the best solution adapted to your needs.


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Is Body Contouring With Vanquish Right for You?

Vanquish is an FDA-approved method of body contouring that’s entirely non-invasive and also risk-free.

Beat fat decrease in Houston is most effective at getting rid of targeted areas of fat as well as assisting you to obtain the shape you desire, especially in the upper legs as well as abdominal areas.

If you’re questioning if Vanquish in Houston is appropriate for you, below are some things you need to know.

What Is Vanquish?

Unlike liposuction surgery, Vanquish is a non-surgical approach designed to lower the circumference of the abdomen and thighs with the selective home heating of fat tissue.

The procedure uses radio-frequency energy to target and also destroy fat cells by heating them up which results in fatty cell shrinkage as well as elimination.

One benefit of Vanquish is that although the power permeates deep into the fat layers, the tool made use in the procedure doesn’t contact the skin so the cells over the fat layer are untouched, making it risk-free for the surface area skin layer.

How Much Time Does Treatment Take?

An additional benefit of Vanquish is that the applicator is huge and can deal with large locations of the body. That means that you’ll need fewer therapies to get the outcomes you desire than you would typically need to have with various other non-surgical body sculpting approaches.

In general, people will certainly have 4 treatment sessions with one session per week. Each session is commonly 30-45 minutes and there’s no downtime or special post-procedure treatment to fret about, so you can go right back to routine activities.

What Happens During Treatments?

Convenience is one of the benefits of Vanquish treatments as contrasted to other forming options.

Throughout the treatment, you’ll really feel some warming experience in the area being dealt with, yet it really feels like you’ve been covered with a cozy covering as well as is actually quite unwinding for many people.

What Results to Expect?

Vanquish supplies a basic diminishing effect in the entire treated area instead of an immediate lump elimination. However, some clients can see outcomes after a solitary session and those outcomes are a lot more noticeable after their subsequent sessions.

Several clients go down a full dimension as well as shed anywhere from two to 5 inches after the entire treatment of 4 or even more sessions.

An advantage of Vanquish is that it eliminates the whole fat cell instead than just the fat inside the cell, so the results you’ll see are durable as long as you keep a healthy and balanced way of living.

That is a Candidate?

Vanquish is a fat reduction alternative for males and females that are seeking body shaping enhancements without the expense and healing time of the surgical procedure.

Vanquish therapy is specially developed to reduce the quantity of fat in the abdomen and upper leg areas as well as is readily available to people with any kind of Body Mass Index (BMI).

It is a viable means to aid individuals who are dissatisfied with their core location despite utilizing diet as well as exercise suitably to target the issue location.

Similar to a lot of cosmetic procedures, the visual renovations from Vanquish’s modern technology will certainly differ with each patient.

Schedule an appointment at RD Skin Solutions in Houston to learn if Vanquish body sculpting is the best treatment for you.


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Wrinkles that fold and age

With media shoved in our faces everywhere we go, our visual appearance has become a very important part of our daily lives. Whether it’s tanning, hair dye, plastic surgery, or anti-aging cream, we can see the dominance of image in our society. Everyone wants to look young, healthy and like Brad Pitt, right?

As a result of this pressure on image, anti-aging creams are a highly marketed and promoted product, promising to provide healthier, younger-looking skin while reducing wrinkles. Most of the time these creams are aimed at women, but now we are also starting to see products that are more geared towards men. This change is due to the fact that society is beginning to accept more easily that men are self-conscious about their appearance and image.

There are several different forms of anti-wrinkle treatment. The biggest advantage of using a cream over another method, such as plastic surgery and botox injections, is the huge difference in cost. Many critics will tell you that the marketing and advertising that goes into these products is actually harmful, and that you are playing on the fears of women and men. There really isn’t much proof that any of these products work well, if at all, which is another thing you’ll hear critics about.

The wrinkles on our skin are important, it is true, although you may ask me: Do these products really work? I would recommend that you ask me that first question again, and that you take some time to answer it yourself, since each person is different.

If you want anti-wrinkle treatments, call RD Skin Solutions.


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Learn the art of waxing with sugar

How sweet it is! Sugaring is a process that is similar to waxing, but the ingredients are different. Sugaring gets it name from the fact that wax is replaced with a mixture of sugar and honey. The resulting goo sticks to the hairs and not to the skin. In the end, you still end up ripping out you hair by the roots, so pain levels run about the same as waxing.

Most people find that sugaring works best on hair that grows on the upper lip and the bikini line. It’s a relatively messy process, so do it in the bathroom or some other area where clean-up will not be a problem. Regardless of where you do it, the results last for two to six weeks. Actually, fine hair will start to show around two weeks after the procedure is done, and the thicker, darker hair growth becomes apparent about four weeks later or so.

Homemade formulas work fine. You can easily make your own sugaring solution right at home. You need 1 cup of white sugar, juice from 1/2 of a lemon, 1/4 cup of honey. Mix the lemon juice, sugar and honey in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for about 2-3 minutes, until the mixture just begins to bubble and turns smooth. Turn off the microwave and leave the bowl alone until the mixture has had time to cool down to a safe handling temperature. This could be 5 minutes or more. Besides the actual sugaring formula, you’ll need some wooden tongue depressors to apply the mixture, some corn starch to help prepare the skin, and some strips of white cotton cloth. An old undershirt works fine.

Ready, set go !

Make sure that the area to be treated is clean and dry. There should be no residue from soap or body lotions. Apply a dusting of cornstarch to the area to be treated. This will help remove excess oils from your skin. Using the tongue depressor, or another suitable applicator, spread a thin layer of the mixture over the area to be treated. Now cover the treated area with a strip of the cotton fabric and rub your hand a few times over the strip the opposite way that your hair grows. Use a moderate pressure. Grab the end of the fabric strip and quickly rip it off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Wash the treated area with warm water to remove any sticky residue and apply an unscented skin cream or lotion if you want to.

That’s all there is to sugaring!

For skincare and more beauty treatments call RD Skin Solutions.