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Micro needling | Micropen – Houston

Collagen induction therapy

Collagen induction therapy is also known as micro-needling RF or skin needling is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles

Since MicroPen technology uses high-speed motors, you can count on efficient and safe penetration. This provides you with a more comfortable experience, much like sandpaper, instead of a painful needle-like sensation. We can also control the depth, further reducing your discomfort.

The MicroPen is safer than dermal rollers because it utilizes a single-use needle tip to ensure complete sterilization. It is safe on all skin types which makes it a great choice for young and old alike!

Since this technology offers various safety and control features, we are able to provide you with predictable, consistent results that lasers and dermal rollers simply can't offer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!